Yoga at Bellavista B&B

"A Healing Journey" by Wendy Snodgrass

Our hurricane recovery has been a transformative experience in so many ways. With fewer guests visiting, I devoted myself to another yoga practice which has helped me move forward with strength, flexibility, endurance and equanimity--physically as well as mentally and emotionally.

I spent a memorable month in southern Spain where I completed a well-renowned yoga training and certification program. This time away encouraged me to reflect on the life lessons of our hurricane experience from a different perspective and ultimately discover where they are leading me and Bellavista B&B. These reflections recount a healing journey and present a meaningful path forward.

Storms & Surrender...

It's impossible to predict the storms that come into our lives. We tend to worry about storms that never come or fret over inconsequential ones--while somehow dismissing the possibility of being struck by a major disaster. But significant storms come into everyone's lives and they can hit hard and hurt in so many ways. For me, I found the key to surviving a storm is to surrender--opening my heart, learning the lessons, and being willing to begin again.

Storms & Surrender

Flexibility & Equanimity...

Our beautiful and delicate plumeria trees so poignantly demonstrated the flexibility necessary to survive back-to-back storms. So many strong magnificent trees were blown down or snapped in half, and yet these graceful beauties yielded, bent and survived. Oh to live so fearlessly when your world is being turned upside down! To simply accept the intensity and discomfort with an inner calmness and equanimity knowing that this storm too will pass.

Flexibility & Equanimity

Gratitude & Unexpected Gifts...

In the aftermath of a storm as you begin to rebuild your life, there is a deep sense of gratitude for every simple comfort and every single blessing ever taken for granted beginning literally with the roof over your head. I realized then that every thank you I uttered was a prayer leading out of despair into a place of awareness, hope and abundance. Even storm clouds have silver linings--more than I imagined.

Gratitude & Unexpected Gifts

Community & Connection...

I believe there is a kindness, openness and gentleness in every heart that longs for connection but is too often suppressed in daily living. But when a serious storm hits, people from across the street and across the ocean reach out with a compassion that fulfills that soulful yearning. With every gesture of caring and sharing, friendships are formed, a community comes together and true healing begins.

Community & Connection

Courage & Changing Course...

When a storm blows your life off-course it offers an opportunity to explore other paths--a journey of self-discovery that presents many possibilities. And so with the love of my life beside me offering his encouragement, I am open to change and ready to chart a new course in my life. I see a path forward that aligns my passion for yoga with my love of serving and uplifting others.

Courage & Changing Course

Beginning Again...

I aspire to be a "yoga ambassador" offering others a complimentary introduction to the practice that has changed my life. I'm a latecomer to yoga finding it only seven years ago as my body began to slow down and break down from other forms of fitness--and these signs of aging admittedly had an emotional toll as well. Yoga has enabled me to reconnect with how my body moves and feels today, but even more meaningful to me is how it dramatically reduces stress, improves my mental clarity, enhances emotional equanimity, immensely helped healing from our back-to-back hurricanes, and has given me a profound sense of well-being and spiritual connection. With yoga, I hope to pass these gifts forward because we all experience stress and struggle and storms as we journey through life.

Beginning Again
Yoga Ambassador

Complimentary Yoga Classes...

For our guests who are interested, I am pleased to offer a complimentary introduction to yoga or a personalized yoga class. With specialized training in "Holistic Yoga Flow" and a RYT-200 certification from Yoga Alliance, I look forward to adding this amenity to our B&B repertoire. It is adaptable to anyone regardless of age, flexibility, strength or body type. If desired, it can be a physically intense workout that incorporates cardio and strength components! Or it can be a gentle flow that moves, stretches and strengthens the body. It is a very inclusive and balanced practice that I look forward to sharing!

Yoga Classes

To book online with your reservation, click on the "Enchance Your Stay" tab to request a complimentary yoga class or email us for more information.

Book Online

With Heartfelt Gratitude...

My yoga journey has been a soul-searching adventure and healing experience that has enabled me to set new meaningful intentions for the next chapter of my life. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to two incredibly inspirational instructors and a spectacular setting in sunny southern Spain.

Travis Eliot

Travis is a world-renowned yoga instructor, meditation teacher, kirtan musician and certified Ayurveda practitioner. He is the creator of the groundbreaking DVD series "The Ultimate Yogi" and other bestselling yoga DVDs. He leads Holistic Yoga Flow retreats and workshops around the world and teaches classes in Los Angeles and online at Inner Dimmension TV.

Lauren Eckstrom

Lauren is a Holistic Yoga Flow E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher, a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, and a leading advocate for yoga as a healing and inclusive practice. She created the highly acclaimed "Journey to Yoga" program and teaches internationally, in Los Angeles, and online at Inner Dimmension TV.


Suryalila is stunningly beautiful yoga retreat centre situated on a 45-acre farm in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. With an attentive staff, fabulous facilities and gourmet vegetarian cuisine, they graciously host yoga retreats and individual travelers. I will always treasure the memories of the community, soulful connections and friendships that inspired me here.

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